Helen Flanagan is going to pump you up

I have no idea what the hell is going on in this video, but it showcases Helen Flanagan‘s boobs, so who cares? It’s actually a viral video for the Cheltenham Festival hosted by Ladbrokes.com, a website dedicated to betting on horses. Sure, random enough, so why not get a British blonde bombshell with two large mounds of jello on her chest to bend and stretch with some jockeys? Flanagan is one of the many living pieces of evidence that the UK is inhabited by busty actresses. She starred as the villain character on the popular ITV series “Coronation Street” until last year, when she left to “pursue other interests”. Apparently one of those other interests includes making it difficult for men to leave their seats. Last December, Helen revealed she was on medication for attention deficit disorder and bipolar disorder. Sounds like a pretty wild time in the sack if you ask me, so long as she brings that jockey whip. Why are you giving me that look of disgust?

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