Who is Brande Roderick and why is she not on my face?

I don’t know noticed by now, but I’m a little bit of MILFaholic. Generally, I find myself attracted to girls with an unmistakable womanly figure, and the baring of children sometimes emphasizes those qualities. 38-year-old Playboy model and actress, Brande Roderick possesses some herself, now that she’s recently had a kid with NFL linebacker Glen Cadrez. If you don’t recognize her from Playboy, or her short time on “Baywatch” back in the day, you may remember her as the topless cheerleader from 2004’s STARSKY AND HUTCH revamp.

She’s had a pretty scattered business life as well, creating a “Myspace For adults” called FinanciallyHung.com, which never quite had the landmark success she was probably hoping for. She’s getting her second chance in the business world, though, as she’s been added to the next season of “The Celebrity Apprentice”. That’s sure to suck. Let’s hope she does a favor for the ratings and starts a stripper ice-cream truck business�like Jacqueline Suzanne.

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